we are a strategic innovation laboratory rooted in emerging trends, solution based thinking, the content of the future and advanced technology. we are a collective of branding, innovation, marketing, and technology gurus. we believe that innovation should be in the fabric of your kulture. we believe that you should be the leader of innovation and not the follower.
we live, eat, and breath future trends across advanced tech, market changes, entertainment, consumer behavior,  and global social movements. we seek new ways to bring brands and innovation closer together through the use of smart tools and evolved design that reaches people wherever they are across marketing, product, digital, process and enterprise innovation.
we are former  corporate and agency denizens and have worked on projects around the world across a wide span of sectors.we bring solutions from AI, augmented reality, beacons, wearables, IoT, smart glass, robotics, NFC, gamification, social listening, digital content, social media and create hardware or software solutions if what our clients need doesn’t exist.

our manifesto

subkulture exists to understand the pulse of what ’s happening with the global populous before it happens.

we help you answer the question of how do I lead versus who do I follow.

we are global kurators of kulture and the technology that fuels them.

we bring you trends and solutions that are unknown by most and are being brewed below the heartbeat of the mainstream.

we teach people how to think creatively and critically, taking design thinking to a new level.

we brand, strategize, commercialize, monetize, digitize and activate.

we help you cut through the clutter to best leverage advanced technology and get the best innovation from the world and from your organization.

we have identified the most effective and profitable brand building tools that will enhance your consumer facing initiatives and enterprise initiative and have mixed that with global emerging trends.

the pace of technology is moving at a rapid rate daily, you must lead the pack and not follow. you create the market by understanding what your end user desires. the future is always determined by the subkulture.