Hack Yourself Now : A Guide To Disrupt and Self Innovation - In this age of disruption, rapid innovation, daily emerging advanced technologies and explosive mobile apps, the ability to hack anything in the blink of an eye is easily doable and pretty much mandatory. If you aren’t hacking something – what are you doing, something around you probably needs a more efficient or effective solution. Break(...)
Multicultural Report Vol. 1 – Beyond The Melting Pot: There Is No Multiculturalism, There Is Just Culture - Check out our first volume of a series on multiculturalism and the growing segments that are now the leaders of mass culture. The first segment focuses on the numbers, the millennial and African American youth. If a brand wants to be relevant in any segment it must understand how to position itself within all consumer(...)
Innovation By Vision, Not By Fear - Innovation is really just a fancy term for inventing solutions to meet latent needs, or in some cases very pronounced and urgent ones. Ideally, we create for a more productive future and can use our vision, imagination and ideals to get us there, but if we find ourselves in reactionary mode, dire straits or abject(...)