Hack Yourself Now : A Guide To Disrupt and Self Innovation

In this age of disruption, rapid innovation, daily emerging advanced technologies and explosive mobile apps, the ability to hack anything in the blink of an eye is easily doable and pretty much mandatory. If you aren’t hacking something – what are you doing, something around you probably needs a more efficient or effective solution. Break up the status quo and make it better is my definition of hacking. With the inevitable connectedness of the world which is happening before our eyes via mobile devices, combined with the democratization of information, we have a perfect platform to hack any situation four ourselves and others. Even if our hack is non-digital, we should learn the art of the hack.
Therefore, I call for a life ritual of the constant self-hack! Self-hacking can enhance life by allowing us to hit a reset button and redesign our lives through sheer innovative thinking, imagination and wee bit of risk taking. Let’s face it there are many annoying issues that we all deal with in life that we desperately want to change; most often it’s debt, a health challenge, relationships and either a boring or fatiguing career. Oh how we put up with these things day in and day out – if only we had the time, money, energy, motivation or commitment to change them and even if we did where would start?
If you’re game, if you want to learn how to be a world class innovator, let the self-hacking begin! Just as any startup or future thinking company would do – use the basic tenets of innovation practice and apply it your life.
So here’s a self-hacking checklist:
1) Recognize that something needs changing.
2) Commit to change it.
3) See if anyone is doing anything similar.
4) Get outside your current mental and physical environment if even slightly.
5) Let your imagination run its course – there are no limits on what you think could remedy this situation.
6) Consider the possible outcomes you’d like to achieve.
7) Ask again how bad you want it.
8) Narrow down the possible solutions.
9) Test out a few.
10) Determine how much it will cost in money, time and/or action to implement the new idea.
11) Pick one.
12) Gather a team to support and help you implement it.
13) Do it.
14) Push through the tough adoption.
15) Showcase it.
16) Share it with others.
17) Do it again and again.
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