Innovation By Vision, Not By Fear

Innovation can be created from several points

Innovation is really just a fancy term for inventing solutions to meet latent needs, or in some cases very pronounced and urgent ones. Ideally, we create for a more productive future and can use our vision, imagination and ideals to get us there, but if we find ourselves in reactionary mode, dire straits or abject fear, our visionary skills become visceral and immediate impulses. Either extreme on the continuum often produce powerful results. The ability to trust our visionary capabilities and our instinctual skills together are the foundational elements for innovative thinking to be highly effective. Sadly, many of us are too bogged down in the day to day and have little time for the luxury of envisioning a new state, conversely when we naturally have the opportunity to tap into our inherent insight, we often don’t trust it and second guess ourselves. The other fly in the ointment in innovation is that we live in a society where following orders is the edict and we do by rote, from performance plans at work to zoning laws in our neighborhoods, we march to the beat of someone else’s rules and are rewarded for doing so.
Innovation is about thinking, building, ideating and pushing the limits of the status quo and what any naysayers may believe is possible. Innovators go against the grain, they risk, they grind, they believe the in the impossible, they are resilient, they trust the deepest levels of their being and they act. Innovation is about a perpetual life of engagement and using all the innate power of our being to create out of nothingness a something that is valuable. Let us cultivate our envisioning skills and our instincts. Let vision be our motivation and not fear. – SubKulture Innovation