Multicultural Report Vol. 1 – Beyond The Melting Pot: There Is No Multiculturalism, There Is Just Culture

beyond the melting pot; multiculturalism

Check out our first volume of a series on multiculturalism and the growing segments that are now the leaders of mass culture. The first segment focuses on the numbers, the millennial and African American youth. If a brand wants to be relevant in any segment it must understand how to position itself within all consumer segments – especially these. When we think of innovation, advanced technology, strategy and branding at Subkulture, we think of relationships and relevancy to the people who are the end users, how they live, work, play and the things that concern them. This guides our “color outside the lines’ ideation and our think+design+build process. Our ecosystem of creative idea building focuses on the future, and it has to connect with our clients and the how their ecosystem can be contemporized, digitized, and monetized to leap frog their competition to endear their audience now and into the future. A brand’s market size and cash reserves won’t protect it – but it’s connection to the culture it develops within and the connection those to the culture it produces for will.

Join us as we journey through various cultural segments as we march into their thirst for innovation and technology.